Employee Moniotring Solutions To Boost Productivity

As you are aware that most of the corporate and SME employees  today are working remotely. Pandemic has only fueled the concept of Work from Home and its become important to monitor and measure productivity of employees. This is more so for companies where productivity is dependent on employee working on specific business applications.

Why Employee Monitoring With Desksight.AI?

DeskSight.Ai is a comprehensive solution for measuring and enhancing productivity of the organisation. This is a good tool for tracking employee performance by streamlining operational efficiencies while  they are working remotely . DeskSight.AI provides insights about working efficiency of employees and help them focus on business applications in business hours.


Data protection from employees with Indefend

Another biggest threat while working remotely is Organization Data. Since most of the SME organisations are not on secured VPN ; there is risk of internal threats of data theft and deletion . Thats where there is need for DLP ( Data Leak  Prevention ) by preventing  unauthorised access to media devices ; applications and websites 

Why Indefend?

Indefend provides full transparency over all the computers in an organization including remotely connected devices by maintaining control over networks; devices and data. 

Indefend has strong Insider threat response  system; Data Leak prevention system , Employee monitoring , workplace productivity and employee behavioural investigation system 

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