Manged IT Service To Keep Your IT Working

Leave your IT issues to ETSC Managed services and just focus on using your IT. We make sure that your IT keeps running efficiently and you keep enjoying the benefits. With all round support and service, ETSC is the leading managed service provider.


Facing These Issues?

  • High infrastructure costs
  • Inefficient IT departments
  • Frequent downtimes and application failures
  • Infrastructure problems and instability
  • Security and compliance issues

These problems often haunt many organizations and you are not alone. To rid yourself from these issues and the losss caused by them – you need to partner with a reliable MSP like ETSC.

Ensure Business Continuity and Innovation with ETSC's Managed IT Services

Your customers expect constant innovation. Innovate faster, easily scale up or down with your demand and stay secured with our managed services.

Why Manged IT Service?

Proactively manage and improve your IT infrastructure with ETSC managed services. Our Managed services have helped our clients transform their business for the better: –

  • Reduce upto 40% cloud costs
  • Up to 99.99% availability of apps
  • Negligible application issues
  • 98% customer satisfaction score

Why choose ETSC for your end-to-end Managed IT Services?

Optimize your cloud consumption, applications, or your cloud or on-premise infrastructure and drive innovation, productivity, and team efficiency.


24X7 Availability

  • Proactively monitor and manage your Cloud platform before outage occurs
  • Availability of Specialist Engineers
  • Support for any of your IT needs


Support Coverage

  • Uptime commitment
  • Expertise across cloud & on-premise technologies
  • SLA based and Resolution time for each incident


Focus on Core Competencies

  • With nuanced technologies, leave the IT headache to the experts
  • Optimize IT Team to focus on core activities


IT Compliance Fulfilment

  • Periodic standard and custom reports
  • Security compliance
  • Assistance for any Audit (for IT)
  • IT Inventory management


Best Practices

  • ITSM Methodology
  • Global Cloud best practices
  • Industry leading tools with advanced functionalities


Value-Added Consulting

  • Technology consulting
  • Focused Trainings
  • Cost optimization initiatives
  • Adoption Support

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