Data Security and Email Security Solutions

Today almost all businesses are highly dependent on IT and most of the devices are connected to the internet. This poses internal as well as external threats . Internal threats are related to data theft and data leak through connected devices or via emails. External threats are due to various virus threats such as ransomware etc. As the dependency on internet is increasing so is the need for Data security and email security .

Why Secure with Siccura?

An incredibly easy-to-use solution that gives you complete security to communications and data stored on existing email platforms and cloud storage accounts.

  • Complete Privacy
  • Security At All Times
  • Zero-Knowledge Policy
  • Multiple Resource Protection
  • Total Control
  • Safe Email
  • Safe IM
  • Safe SMS
  • Safe Calls (Voice, Video and Conference)
  • Safe Box
  • Photo Box

Extra Privacy Features

Siccura has added privacy features which gives you an extra layer.

Take back, Allow Copy/ Forward, Safe Message etc.

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