Freshworks CRM- The Best In Industry

ETSC is the leading Freshworks CRM vendor. Freshworks is an industry-leading custom relationship management software.


Why Freshworks?

DeskSight.Ai is a comprehensive solution for measuring and enhancing productivity of the organisation. This is a good tool for tracking employee performance by streamlining operational efficiencies while  they are working remotely . DeskSight.AI provides insights about working efficiency of employees and help them focus on business applications in business hours.

All In One CRM To Meet Your Needs

ETSC is one of the leading AMC service provide in the country. With over 30 years of experience and alliance with all major brands, we are fully equipped and willing to provide you IT support and maintenence whenever you need.

  • Preventative maintenance – periodic checks for system health , antivirus updations,, Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs
  • Quick responses through helpdesk
  • Protecting from hackers, Trojans and viruses with Firewall protection
  • Remote support for quick resolution of problems through qualified and experienced engineers
  • Genuine parts in case of hard failures
  • Comprehessive( Services with parts ) or non comprehensive ( Services only )
  • Network Troubleshooting Services based on Internet
  • 24x7 call logging
  • Onsite, Carry in , Remote support , Tele- Support,Mail Support, Chat support
  • Onsite, Carry in , Remote support , Tele- Support,Mail Support, Chat support
  • Fixed annual rate to allow easy budgeting

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